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Box trailers for MAAT Transport.

MAAT Transport has a varied fleet of open trailers, (semi)-flatbed trailers, curtain-sided trailers up to 26 meters long, and covered trailers.

To be able to meet the explosive national and international demand from various clients, MAAT Transport is renting several box trailers with a Dhollandia tail lift from ICTS during this corona period.

MAAT is an all-round logistics provider from Zuid-Holland. A family business founded in 1934, the company has grown exponentially to keep their customers’ world in motion, with exceptional transport services including contract transport, as well as all imaginable services related to internal transportation, commercial vehicles and warehousing.

MAAT aims to always look at their customers’ needs from the fourth party logistics concept’s (4PL) perspective. This means that MAAT takes over and manages all transport activities and logistic processes and looks for the best solutions for the entire supply chain. This MAAT concept unburdens the customer and has the added benefit of reducing costs and increasing sustainability.

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