Platform trailer

A platform trailer is a trailer that is often used for special loads; when due to abnormal heights or widths of the load the trailer cannot or need not have any sides or a roof. Examples are exceptional transport operations within the building or construction industry, or the agricultural sector. Click here for a complete overview of the various business segments and the right trailer for your purposes.

A standard platform trailer is a type that is suitable for stacking three pallet crates.

In addition, several extra options are possible:

  • With a different type and number of axles (for example steering axles
  • With pallet crate
  • With the addition of stanchion pockets and stanchions for the transport of long materials
  • With different floor types (since the transport of heavy materials causes a higher point load on the floor)

Based on the required use or business segment, the ICTS trailers are delivered with the specifications of your choice, including all certificates needed for their specific uses. Examples are a TüV certificate, ADR certificate (for hazardous substances) or a Huckepack certificate.

Contact ICTS here for professional advice on the correct trailer specifications for your purposes.