Box trailer

Similar to a curtain sider, a box trailer can be used for many purposes. Due to the hard construction, pallets with both consumable and non-consumable goods can be transported well, keeping the goods dry. The box trailer is therefore also very suitable for high-value transport. Click here for a complete overview of the different business segments and the right trailer for your purposes.

A box trailer comes standard with an inside dimension of 2.47 meters wide and can fit up to 34 euro pallets on the loading floor.

In addition, several extra options are possible:

  • With tailboard
  • With a different type and number of axles (for example steering axles)
  • Huckepack version
  • Ferry version
  • With double loading platform
  • With lifting axle
  • With pallet crate
  • With hanging racking system for clothes
  • With anti-theft package
  • In a flower width version with an inside diameter of 2.50 meters
  • With roller conveyors

Based on the required use or business segment, the ICTS trailers are delivered with the specifications of your choice, including all certificates needed for their specific uses. Examples are a beverage license, TüV certificate, DC norm (for auto parts), ADR certificate (for hazardous substances) or TAPA certificate (security standards), Huckepack certificate or a FRC certificate (for refrigerated trailers meeting specific insulation values).

Click here for professional advice on the correct specifications for your ICTS trailers.



ICTS 020518 33

ICTS 020518 35

ICTS 020518 29

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