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Alfa Forwarding

Cooperation with Alfa Forwarding

ICTS is very proud to announce that Alfa Forwarding Ltd. has become its business partner in Poland. Alfa Forwarding has been active since 1993 and provides various types of transport services: by road, water, air and multimodal. It also offers a range of logistics and customs activities.

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Transport Marcel Depaire

Trailers for Marcel Depaire

Transport Marcel Depaire, part of Altrea Group, is located in Mollem-Asse. The company has been active as a transport company since 1954 and specializes in Automotive transports. Transport Marcel Depaire offers its customers a total solution; from order picking, labelling and packaging to distribution. Their warehouses (3,000m² capacity) are located in Brussels, Belgium.

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Refrigerated trailers for HLM Transport

HLM Transport from Amstelveen, the Netherlands, is a young and dynamic company with enthusiastic and experienced staff that offers professional transport solutions both nationally and internationally.

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Environmentally aware entrepreneurship

The European Union has set its climate targets for the next 30 years with its aims to be climate neutral by 2050. At ICTS we are fully aware of climate changes and are taking this into account by keeping our business as sustainable as possible.

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Digitization and training

Digitization and training

Pen and paper Work Cards are finally a thing of the past for both our maintenance workshops and our mobile services as all relevant employees have been given a new tablet. 

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Icts at Gdynia harbor

ICTS at Gdynia Harbor

Over a hundred years ago, engineer Tadeusz Wenda, standing by the church in Kępa Oksywska, said the memorable words: "here will be the best place". He meant the location for the construction of a modern Polish port, which was created thanks to the vision, determination and work of many wonderful people.

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Massini Transport

Reefers for Massini Transport

Massini Transport is a modern transport company based in Oudewater, Utrecht, where its owner Toufik likes to think along with its customer while providing an optimal service. Small and large shipments are transported daily in various categories, including general cargo, refrigerated and frozen products.

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Poland vehicle registrations

Poland changes vehicle registrations

From January 31, 2022, there will be new rules in the Polish law regarding vehicle registration. As a result, it is now possible to continue to use the same license plates, even if the owner changes. This will save administratively and financially a lot of time and money, especially when managing a large fleet.

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Q-Expresse trailer

New trailer for Q-Expresse

ICTS signed a long-term contract with Q-Expresse over the delivery of a new box trailer. Q-Expresse has 15 tractor units and 4 trailers. The new trailer is being deployed at the request of an important customer from the paper/cardboard industry. Owner Ali Korkmaz is very pleased with the collaboration with ICTS and with the new rental trailer.

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