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Katoen Natie visits ICTS’ new MOT hall in Belgium.

To exchange ideas on logistics and building technology, several staff members of Katoen Natie visited the new MOT hall ICTS is building in Zeebrugge. Also present were TAE, suppliers of the brake test system and O-Beton, provider of the concrete structures used in this new MOT hall.

ICTS and Katoen Natie also discussed possible ways to cooperate in the area of trailer rental, maintenance and repairs, as well as other services.

Katoen Natie has a fleet of about 1600 trailers, mainly container chassis. The company runs port terminals, logistic terminals and on-site terminals. They also provide a multitude of semi-industrial services, as well as design, build and manage logistic platforms and complete supply chains for different industries, for which they offer tailormade solutions.

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