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ICTS and P&O Ferrymasters: Advancing Collaboration

In a recent strategic meeting at P&O Ferrymasters' Rotterdam headquarters, ICTS's commitment to strengthening ties and enhancing operational synergy was the central theme.

P&O Ferrymasters is Europe’s key player in multimodal transportation and logistics, and offers a shortsea, road, and rail network across the continent.

Joop Roijakkers, Vice President Rental, alongside Jan Coene, President & CEO, engaged in forward-looking discussions with P&O Ferrymasters’ newly appointed COO Landside, Lieven Severijns. The dialogue centered on reviewing past performances and identifying pathways to elevate the collaboration. The agenda included refining communication channels, streamlining efficiency, and bolstering customer service – key areas recognized for mutual growth.

ICTS continues to support P&O Ferrymasters with versatile rental solutions, from curtainsider trailers in the Netherlands to container chassis in Belgium and Italy. Additionally, the provision of comprehensive field services and maintenance from the ICTS Zeebrugge hub plays a pivotal role in the partnership.

This meeting marks another step in ICTS’s dedication to collaborative innovation and service excellence, ensuring both entities are well-positioned to cater to the dynamic demands of the multimodal transport and logistics sector.