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Under construction

ICTS Services Uithoorn and ICTS Services Aalsmeer were formed through the acquisition of Visser European Trailer Care in Uithoorn and VTS Aalsmeer.

Mid-April the refurbishment works took off, with the aim to install more technicians and increase the throughput times. 

Jürgen Bogaert, Vice President Services, on the process: “Roughly, there will be three stages; the first one has pretty much been completed. All rolling stock was updated to match the ICTS look and feel. Next, we organized a big workshop clean-up. A big part of the trailer parking was taken care of as well to receive more ICTS trailers”. 

“In a second stage, we will complete the final part of the trailer parking, including new parking slots. After that, the office spaces will be renewed, the workshop emptied, painting works will start, and internet cabling will also be taken care of.”

“The third stage mainly involves finishing touches in line with ICTS' corporate identity, such as installing new furniture and IT systems.”

All works will be finished before the summer of 2023.