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Decades-long partnership with Lelieveld.

Lelieveld Transporten B.V. is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. Originally created in 1980 by Lon Lelieveld for small-scale transport of milk, the company has grown into a specialist of temperature-controlled transport and cold storage.
From its location in Hazerswoude and with a team of 150 staff members, Lelieveld Transporten is at its clients’ service, day and night. Commitment and flexibility are the core values of this family business.
Lelieveld rented the first ICTS box trailer from ICTS Bergschenhoek in November 2011, and 19 years later, they are still part of the ICTS family.
This decades-long partnership has achieved several remarkable projects, such as transportation for the Lowlands and Parkpop festivals, in collaboration with La Place.

Lelieveld is currently renting several refrigerated trailers from ICTS, both long and short term.
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