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Genmark Gensets: specifications and advantages.

A Genset is usually used for temperature-controlled transport: goods for which it is important that the temperature remains stable for the duration of the trip. This is important for the pharmaceutical industry, but also for consumer goods such as meat, chocolate and some types of fruit.

The Genset ensures the container receives a constant supply of energy to maintain the set temperature. A Genset is an independent generator; even when the truck is idling or turned off, the process is not interrupted.

Genmark Gensets are very compact and consequently lightweight, which optimizes loading capacity. For the Kässbohrer chassis for SKB Logistics, the Modular Genset 5 was chosen.

This Genset is conceived to be positioned on the side of the multifunctional container chassis, which enables the flexible chassis to keep all its functions. Since the Genset is located on the side of the chassis, it is also easily accessible. The Modular Genset has been approved by the RDW [RDW is the Dutch vehicle authority in the mobility chain] (RDW approval E4*73R01/01*0257*00) as side protection of the chassis. The Modular Genset 5 weighs 500 kilos. This one fits virtually all flexible chassis.

An additional advantage of a compact Genset is the fact that it hangs higher above the ground. This prevents damage. The average height between the ground and the Genset is between 25 and 30 cm.

All Gensets are equipped with the new stage 5 Yanmar engine blocks. This is comparable to the obligatory switch of truck engines to Euro 6. Thanks to the newest technologies the Genset is also more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The generator is a permanent magnet-type generator. Its advantage is less diesel consumption and more residual power for the Genset.

Genmark has developed a product assortment for temperature-controlled transport which is innovative as well as user-friendly. With over 11 years of “Genset experience” and 700+ Gensets on the market, Genmark is a true specialist in Genset production. Genmark has more than 100 service centers in Europe. Its headquarters are located in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands.

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