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In the spotlight: TK Magistral E.

Facts and figures

Company: TK Magistral E
Representative: Kirimov Vitaly Vasilyevich – Deputy General Director
Number of employees: 60 employees
Equipment: 30 units: 15 trucks, 10 owned trailers and 5 rental trailers. 
Work locations: 1 office, in Moscow.

“How can we best describe your core business?”
“The main focus of our activities is the transportation of groupage cargoes from Moscow to the major cities of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, as well as container transportation from Moscow to the Far East: Khabarovsk, Vladivostok.”

“What is a unique aspect of your company?”
“Our company emphasises an individual approach to each client, meaning there is no hard and fast way of doing things. Each client has the opportunity to talk directly to the CEO, in addition to having contact with a personal manager. I think that one of our other big selling points is that our customers' groupage cargo is transported by the company's own vehicles.”

You have selected ICTS semi-trailers for rental. Why?
“At the moment, having a fleet of vehicles, we have a slight shortage of trailers, which means we need an additional number of trailers for development. Accordingly, we turned to ICTS, who helped us solve our problems and replenish our fleet.”

How would you describe the relationship between your organization and ICTS?
“We have been cooperating with ICTS for six months. During this time, we have developed a good partnership. Overall, I can say that the company's specialists respond promptly to our requests and help us solve technical issues related to the operation of semi-trailers. In general, I would describe the cooperation as positive and I am confident that we can further expand our business in the future.”

"What does 'good Fleet Management' mean to you?"
“Vehicles should always be in motion. We are therefore trying to minimize downtime to the point where we combine repair work with forced downtime. So we always aim to keep our potential fleet utilization as high as possible, which means about 95%.”

"What further objectives do you have and where will your company be in 10 years’ time?”
Our main goals are to attract even more customers, transport large volumes of goods and further expand our own fleet of vehicles. In 10 years' time, I would like to be providing foreign transport, to go international. Businesses should be seen at an international cross-border level in order to grow and maintain that sustainable growth for a healthy organization. That’s what our focus will be on in the near future."