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Long-standing partners in Italy-UK intermodal traffic.

Alessandro Odisio, COO of Alberti e Santi and Christopher Mascaux, Field Service Manager of ICTS, reviewed 2019 and discussed the possibilities and outlook. One of the topics was the question of whether Brexit would affect volumes and bottom line during 2020.

Both companies have been working together for many years at the terminal in Zeebrugge, Belgium. ICTS ensures Alberti e Santi’ swap bodies are loaded in good order from the Ro-Ro vessel onto the train at the CLdN terminal. Both companies value their service partnership within the Italy - UK - Italy partnership.

Since 1959, Alberti e Santi’s objective has been to offer global services for transport and integrated logistics, distinguished by a flexible organizational structure and with a human aspect offering a personal touch. The ‘International Freight Forwarder’ wants to guarantee a service in which speed, punctuality and safety are key elements, allowing AeS to assure its clients of maximum trustworthiness and reliability.

By opening the UK headquarters in 1993, regular transports from Italy to UK became a crucial selling point and also provided the opportunity to implement intermodal transport utilizing swap bodies, a service which now represents one of the company’s strong points.

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From left to right: Alessandro Odisio, Alberti e Santi & Christopher Mascaux, ICTS