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In the spotlight: Nedcargo.

Facts and figures
Company: Nedcargo
Representative: Marten van der Laan, Fleet Manager Benelux
Number of employees: 600+ employees based in the Benelux 
Equipment: 115 proprietary tractor units, with an additional 30 to 50 charters used daily. 250 trailers in total, of which 100 proprietary and the others on a rental basis. 
Work locations: 5 locations in the Benelux: Waddinxveen, Willebroek, Zoetermeer and Haaften, so-called 'multi-customer locations', and Soesterberg, a 'single-customer location'.

“How can we best describe your core business?”
"We are a logistics service provider in the broadest sense of the word. We can provide a complete service – in other words we have resources in-house not just for storage and transport but also for airfreight, inland shipping, order desk, debtor management and more. Our focus is on the Benelux for storage and transport, but we offer worldwide coverage for Forwarding, both in import and export and in customs handling. We consciously offer a very broad, complete menu of services. Our geographical focus is the Benelux; it evolved that way after we took over Eurobroker in 2016, since when we have grown towards a Benelux approach in response to our customers' wishes; national borders are becoming blurred and our customers think in terms of the Benelux rather than purely nationally."

“What is a unique aspect of your company?”
"Two things come to mind: we truly have all the expertise in-house, and we have a very clear vision and goal – a “Wasteless Supply Chain”. This concept is not primarily about waste separation. It means we aim to eliminate everything that doesn’t add value in consultation with our customers. That means improving the safety aspect, for example, quality towards our customers, doing things right first time and shortening lead times of processes. In short, the concept goes much further than just efficiency – it is a broad and continuous process we are going through with our customers."

"Can you tell us something about the long-term ICTS trailer recently delivered for a special person within your organisation?"
"At Nedcargo we have a 'diamond driver', which means 20 years at the wheel without any damage. This driver has a serious but stable nerve condition and has limited strength. For this reason we have supplied him with a low-step truck unit and a trailer with a roller shutter and electric legs to enable him to perform his work for us. Both sides are very satisfied with the arrangement."

"You have chosen ICTS Group for approximately 150 rental trailers in the long term and short term. Why?”
“ICTS is a partner whose service points are close to our warehouses, which is an advantage. But that is not the only reason; our partnership has grown over many years. ICTS is flexible and proactive. The company is simply a good fit for us."

"Can you describe a working day in your job?"
"Every day, I look at the utilisation of the fleet for that day. I also go through the staff planning on a daily basis. In addition, I look 3 months and more ahead in terms of capacity and our requirements for drivers or charters. Plus, I closely follow technical developments – smarter ways of doing things in our sector. And a particular focus is the policy and implementation of coaching and training programmes for drivers.

“What do you think is the most exciting aspect of your job as Fleet Manager?”
"My top 3 definitely includes keeping up with technical developments around trucks, such as fuel targets, mirrorcam and Mercedes self-driving technology. After years of more or less standing still, there is suddenly so much going on in that field. Plus there is the development of data in the area of technology, not to mention data relating to traffic flow on roads. For instance, we are involved in an automatic tyre pressure measurement initiative and we are part of a project in which traffic flow is measured using our trucks in a special 'green wave'."

"Last but definitely not least, I find looking after our people very exciting, for example developing and improving staff. We have a driving coach who gives our employees additional training to make our professionals even better at their jobs. Alongside all the fixed items in transport, such as tax and insurance, there is the only variable in our field – people. Influencing fuel consumption and damages by working with the people is something that is very important to me."

"Where will Nedcargo be within the transport sector in 10 years' time?"
"The 'transport game' will always continue to exist. People need goods. I think transport will evolve towards a more continuous flow; as part of that, we want to further develop our aim of a "Wasteless Supply Chain" with our customers. We have also set ourselves certain sustainability objectives which we want to meet. And to focus further on people and welfare, such as a zero accidents policy. We attach great importance to CSR, corporate social responsibility, and that will only be more important in ten years' time."