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Finishing touches

On Wednesday 15 February, the remaining group of ICTS Services Uithoorn and Aalsmeer colleagues were treated to a visit of the sites in Antwerp and Zeebrugge. 

They were welcomed in Antwerp for breakfast followed by a tour of the Antwerp workshop and then set sail to Zeebrugge for lunch at Martin’s fish restaurant. In the afternoon, they were invited to a guided tour of the ICTS Services site in Zeebrugge. 

Meanwhile, the re-branding is making great progress. Tractors and vans are being fully transformed to match the ICTS corporate identity.

Vice President Services, Jürgen Bogaert, on the re-branding process: “The re-branding of our new branches in Uithoorn and Aalsmeer, as well as rolling stock, is a crucial part of the integration. We also want to further expand our services there, such as in Rotterdam, where a third Service Van was introduced recently. A 7.5-ton version to take more stock to the various locations at the terminals”.