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Side Loaders for DFDS

Last month, ICTS took delivery of its first side loader container chassis. DFDS rents such sideloaders from ICTS regarding a new project at its client Volvo. The Megalift sideloader chassis can autonomously load most current 20 till 45HC containers. It can also transfer these containers to another standard container chassis or even a rail wagon. By using its onboard engine and hydraulic pump the chassis can load these containers up to a maximum weight of 35tons. 

ICTS continuously works on the success of its customers. Flexibility of the material made available is one of those success factors. This extendable chassis is additionally equipped with a self-steering trailing axle for extra manoeuvrability.

For questions about side loaders rental please contact us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.