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English Classes at ICTS

ICTS has started giving on premise English courses to its employees. These lessons are free of charge and have been created to ensure better communication, independent of nationality, in our workplaces.The pilot course already received 8 inscriptions with 5 different nationalities (Romanian, Polish, Moldavian, Ukrainian, Belgian) in one location. This effort enables all colleagues at ICTS to not only better understand the information stream but to become an integral part of it.This brings ICTS one step closer towards having paperless workshops in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ghent and Zeebrugges. Driven by the employees and supported by the employer, on one hand there is a personal development gain and on the other hand productivity increases through the automatic electronic registration of data via tablets on the work floor.By the end of the year our workshops will be 100% paperless, adding further to ICTS’ environmental ambitions.