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DUT22 wins Final Race

Formula Student Team Delft (DUT) is the student racing team of TU Delft. DUT has entered the largest student engineering design competition in the world. Worldwide 800 teams race with their own designed and built car.The final race was held in Germany and DUT22 won 1st place in Acceleration (3.43 seconds) and 2nd place for Skidpad (4.68 seconds) with a fully electric four-wheel drive race car. Not only fast but also very efficient.An ICTS-trailer transported all necessary equipment and spare parts. In addition, it served as a mobile workshop in which a lathe and milling machine and other tools are provided to repair not only their racing car, but also those of their competitors.DUT Team Manager Anton Deken has expressed the collaboration as follows; "The spirit of helping each other is an important part of this competition. Without ICTS none of this would have been possible."